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Programs & Initiatives

Programs & Initiatives

Our project list is proof that there is a HUGE housing crisis in Rutherford County. There are people living every day without heat, clean water and sometimes even a floor to walk on. Several of those in need live like this without anyone being aware of their suffering.  Many are elderly people without family members near by, and some have no families at all. They just do what they can to get by. We feel blessed that we are able to offer assistance to them and we welcome you to help us in our efforts.

The joy that comes from helping those less fortunate is something that just can't be put into words. It is an experience like none other that lifts you up, warm your heart, and will keep you smiling for days. There are so many different ways you can help and we encourage you to explore the different programs and initiatives at RHP and help us make a difference in the housing crisis in Rutherford County.

Ways you can get involved:

  1. Volunteer: This doesn't cost you anything but time and we need volunteers as much as we need money to make the repairs.  We welcome all those that can help regardless of age, size or ability.  There is always something that needs to be done and it doesn't always require a lot of skill or hard labor.  Sometimes just visiting with the families while we are working on their home makes all the difference in the world to someone.
  2. Donate: As a non-profit we depend on donations to support our efforts. Supplies for our long list of needed repairs, man-power, and the ability to reach out and find those in need to tell them we are here to help are ongoing needs that your donations help to support.
  3. Donate a Vehicle: We accept vehicle donations. Even if the vehicle doesn't run we are happy to accept the donation.
  4. Donate a House: Yes you can actually donate a house, land or any property to us. This is a huge benefit to many people that have inherited a home but don't live in the area and don't want the upkeep, taxes or responsibility of trying to take care of it from far away.  Even if there are major repairs needed to the house to make it livable, we can usually repair the home through our volunteer network and turn it into much needed quality housing for low income families.  Land and other property can be sold and turned into funds we can apply to other project needs on our list.

To find out more about donations and possible tax deduction benefits, explore the links on this page or contact us directly by email or phone.